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3HLinen sewing studio works for you during global quarantine!

Dear Customer, if you are reading this right now, you  decided to get more acquainted with the members of our team.

So, do you want to know more about people, who create all these beautiful things for you? Here we go!

Company management 

My name is Viktoriya, and I’m the founder of 3Hlinen, me and my husband Sergii created the idea of this shop in the 2014 and now are managing company together. We have two cute little boys who inspire us ☺

I am still personally managing all communications with our customers to stay in touch with each and every person and provide the best customer experience for our clients. It is all time important for us to hear your feedback - as we are still managing owners of the company and  really love what we do. 

Head of Production and Product Management

Here it is Iryna, our Senior Product Manager and Head of Production, and it’s her, who’s in charge of uploading new products to marketplaces so you can see them as soon as possible right after photo shooting.

Iryna is managing all operations once I am out of the office for business trips. She is my right-hand woman and a great colleague.

Our Production Studio

Nastya, our Shipping Manager, is in charge of safety and timely delivery of your orders. She has a dream... to touch the Big Blue Whale one day :)

There are 12 highly professional seamstresses working together with us on 3HLinen products and orders.Their creative team will always find the solution for the ideas and projects you, our customers,  have.

And although, we are not the superheroes, but we always pay great attention to our customers' needs and try to provide them with the best services, because we believe that when the customer comes first, the customer will last.