How to measure for curtains

What to start with

Let’s measure the width 

To get started with ordering your linen curtains, you need to measure the space (window or the door) where you will hang them: 

  • Measure the window from the left side to the right side. Add 8” (20 cm) since the rods (or tracks) are usually a little bit wider than the window space.  
  • If you already have the rod (the track) – just measure it with the tape. 
  • Now we need to add fullness to the curtains. The basic rule recommends to X1.5 the width of the window to allow a little gathering.  

Example: My rod is 50” wide. So, my curtains shall be 50*1,5 = 75” wide. 

  • And do not forget to divide it into 2 curtain panels if you wish two panels per window. 

Our curtains are sold individually. Please choose 2 in quantity while placing the order. 

Let’s measure the drop 

  • Measure the drop of your curtain. Mostly curtains are measured from the top of the rod till the bottom of the curtain (see the sketch “How to measure” on the page of the curtain you wish to order) 

- If I wish little puddling - how much should I add to the curtain drop?

We recommend adding 3” (7 cm) to the drop to create little puddling.

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