Tape Top Curtains

Tape Top Curtains

What questions to ask yourselves before purchasing the tape top curtains?

You normally would need a curtain with a tape, if:

  • You have the ceiling track with gliders
  • You have a rod but wish the curtains to move as easy as possible, using the rod rings

The tapes allow to make the look of the heading different: from the classic pencil pleat to modern dutch pleated and a lot of others.

Here are some questions you shall definitely check before ordering your curtain:

  • Do I want to cover the rod (track) ?
  • And if the answer is Yes – this is important to tell to your seamstress about that. We normally sew the tape a bit lower in case we see that there is such a request from your side.
  • What fullness of the curtain I need?
  • Each type of the tape has its own fullness, for example S-fold comes usually with X1.5 times fullness, pinch pleat – with X2 times fullness. Though other options are available – please message us with your custom request.
  • Do I need a double track/rod (two track set)?

If you wish more dramatic look, and would like to create layering effect, then double rod will allow you to hang sheer curtain first and then a regular curtain on top to block out light.

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